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Aeon of Horus, Part II, Video:



Aeon of Horus – Part 2

Hypnotic Mind Control by Telepathic Handlers and Subliminal Technologies

Skilled mentalists (hypnotists) can mind-create entities by their thought, and can also mind-create collective emotion in groups of people paired with collective will and can make hypnotic attacks on persons – they can mind-create psychic inner-habitats and can mind-place a victim (a hypnotizand) into their imaginative visualized worlds.

Trained hypnotists can mesmerize you in a hypnotic trance and by their thought-power they can telepathically unite your consciousness (your conscious, your subconscious and your unconscious) with their imaginative hallucinative mind-creation of an inner-psychic living space to talk with you, to have conversations with you, to examine you, to test your body, to have sex with you, to operate your body, or/and to do many other things with you in their imaginative vizualized hallucinative inner-psychic habitat – there is a broad and deep psychic realm for collective coherent thought-power in mesmeric trance deepened into a condition of collective psychic oneness.
This kind of knowledge is ancient in its origin and is transferred telepathically – subliminally – through the centuries by secret societies like priests of religions, leaders of cults, Freemasons, Rosicrucians, Illuminists and many Other (not to forget explicitly Satanists).

You need not turn to be a satanist to learn how to mesmerize (hypnotize), much better you can learn to hypnotize (mesmerize) without faith-matrix, and instead you can use ethics as your matrix, because hypnotism as a powerful phenomenon in the Law of Nature works by itself in our multi-dimensional holistic quantum universe and requires your sense for ethical social responsibility.
Because the active practice and active application of hypnotism (hypnosis) is restricted by governmental laws to medical professions (physicians) and psychotherapists, all folks able to practice it unite under the cover of many creative names (wizzardry, sex-magick, magix, energy work, spiritual work, light worker, energy healer) to escape the very prohibitions.

Aeon of Horus, Part 2:
In our 21st century secret technologies have evolved to the level to influence individuals and crowds and masses of people by targeting brainwaves and by artificial subliminal programs for preprogrammed and for instant mind control (consciousness control) on chosen targets (citizens, individuals) and are worldwide used partly for our pleasure and entertainment and wellness, and partly for covert or/and black operations of secret agencies.

Aeon of Horus, Part II, Video:

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