New Mind Technologies and Beautiful People

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New Mind Technologies and Beautiful People Speaking to Your Mind


A) Persons with special qualities:

2014 Richard M. Dolan (• see bottom of post)
– an American ufologist and television personality (born 1962, education: University of Oxford, Alfred University, University of Rochester) refers to eye- and ear-witnesses that have heard so named ‘strange people’ whom they recognized as ‘very beautiful’, dressed with ‘exclusive new kind of material’ and bodily ‘very tall’ as being extraterrestrial of origin – in contrast – I, jona(h) li (*see bottom of post), refer to these kind of people as secret agents of terrestrial origin in humankind citing following reasons:
often tall people are chosen by secret agencies of governments and other monetary powerful lobbies:
for psychic- and mind-trainings like to practize direct hypnotism and remote hypnotism on other indiviuals,
for hypnotism of crowds and of masses of people – by bodily tallness having an overview down on crowds like from event stages – to spread their natural brain-wave-energy and telepathic-hypnotic-information down to the heads of people, who then ‘get into the mood’ of ‘good vibes’ and additional simultaneously receive unconsciously telepathic information that programs their minds.
for first passive practize and then for second active practize of hypnotic-mind-programming in evolved and updated Mk-Ultra ‘Monarch’ style,
for telepathic-hypnotic ‘energy work’ for healing and also for sickening other individuals,
for trance-spiritualism in practize: for trance-bilocation, for special skills of perception (outside world) and of cognition (inside world) and for other phenomenons along clandestine secret-knowledge all deriving in the Babylonian style of rulership: A1f),
for telepathy, that is attributed falsely to inner-world ’Satanism’, and is understood right and traditionally summed up as ‘a human feature of consciousness’ (as natural talent within the Law of Nature, as natural and healthy capacity of the mind) in symbolism as ancient Egyptian ‘Eye of Horus’ (a left_eye; and as ‘Eye of Ra’ a right_ eye occasionally – both are very similar in meaning);
for the wearing of customized face-masks made of silicone and other new developed secret materials,
for being mind-programmed to telepathically_transmit_information:
for special hypnotic appearances on others at all,
and for special hypnotic radiances of auras ‘in the perception of other individuals’ whom they meet, and
for appearing with special face lineaments of beauty either by face-mask or by hypnotic impression on others and often by both means.
Average people can be chosen for similar tasks with the disadvantage not to have a natural look over crowds of other people.

B) Mind Technologies:

Besides the fact that ‘telepathy +plus hypnotism’ ((+plus consciousness-expanding or/and hallucinative drugs)) can have enormous useful and also enormous threatening dangerous effects on individals and masses of people:
additional clandestine-entirely-new mind-technologies functioning in the Quantum-Physical-Universe by transfering (transmitting) information in the Dark-Energy-Fields can secretly be applied –
in connection with clandestine futuristic GPS-technology every individual on the planet can be focused with the accuracy of 5cm, and
either the strength of natural-telepathic-information-transmission can be boosted or technology-based-telepathic-information-transmission to every person can be artificially created;
in connection with agents being mind-chipped all phenomenons cited here can be boosted, strengthened, focused – the intense idea, the intense thought is sufficient;
and to mind-chipped-persons receiving telepathic-commands can be given either hypnotic mind-rewards like joy, pleasant sexual-feelings, good vibe, love-feelings or hypnotic-punishments for disobedience like pain, fear, desperation, psychic-ticks, and many Other.

A) and B) summed up,

I think the ‘strange people’ Richard Dolan 2014 (•) is referring to are of terrestrial origin, and I think, that it is a very common natural-phenomeonen among telepathics to hear one another ‘thinking to each other’ in the mind in thought-voices placed
A and B I) either next to one aside or
A and B II) even inside in any realm of the body and
A and B III) even ’in the self’ ‘as another person speaking’ or
A and B IV) inside the bodily realm ’as the self’ in the case of telepathic ’mingling of minds’ to ‘oneness of consciousness’ (a cultural origin is to find in Buddhism: ‘I Am HE’ and ‘HE is I Am’ (He is Me)) and in special mind-entangling through hypnotic ‘mind-programming in MK-Ultra_Monarch style’ that is ancient in origin and further evolved nowadays.

All terrestrial:

With Telepathy, Hypnosis and Mind-Programing our world was ruled since ancient times by Pharaos, Cesars and Kings, and additional supported and expanded by secret-mind-technologies our world is ruled already, and in the future our world’s telepathic-rulership might – a nightmare-vision ! – be even replaced by artificial-telepathic-information-transmission_technologies.

And we’ll have to put strength and effort for the future of humankind to avoid every kind of nightmare and to successfully live our well thought-dream/s.

(•) UFO ENCOUNTERS WITH THE WORLD MILITARIES, video:, Conference Speaker: Richard Dolan ‘Secret Space Program Conference 2014’ in San Mateo in California.


jona(h) li (*) – on October 10th 2015




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