Satanism and Mind Control by Hypnosis

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The fractal growth of telepathic_mind_control in a population by having started on few small regional dots in human collectives is pictured beneath in the fractal, so called visual mathematics, presented as creative example, how in a telepathic mind ruling political/religious/spiritual regime starting on few local points an unrolling spread can take place until the whole population in a nation/state/institution is drawn in; in such an unfolded tightened net one individual is telepathically mind controlling every other individual.

Everybody mind controls everybody in a full grown telepathic hypnotic consciousness controlling collective net along the mind_rule of satanistic thinking of how bond & bondage is reached best, by: having_satanistic_sex_everybody_with_everybody at first in_the_mind_only and then that may escalate during strong group_mesmerism into the outward world happening factually as sex orgies – afterwards some individuals will have gotten hypnotized in a total amnesia and will not remember what happened, and some others will remember and will live as tightly knit community keeping secret about the sex relations itself and about the group sex happening (because many are married or in partnership or/and in prestigious professional positions); additional collective mind suggestions of killing by whatever reasons – like lust ideas, hatred visions, sacrifice mind paintings – can swap from inner_world_mind_painting_ideas into outer_world_real_killing during collective_mesmerism in any group of human beings.

Before you judge anybody involved in such a matter remember: there is almost nobody in Satanism or/and in Mafia or/and even in shadow ruling systems by free will – individuals get drawn into, are pushed into, get forced into, and for some few you may call it inflated “they get chosen” for shadow_ruling_systems to live unfree and constrained.
Of course there is a lust_effect conjuncted in the whole: experiencing intensive ecstatic_sexfeelings by hypnosis and great satisfying_group_oneness in mesmerism (trance connectedness) that comforts many even in that deception.
Oneness_experience in mesmerism induced by Satanism: No!
Oneness_experience in mesmerism induced by sober reasonable mind on ethical basis of social responsibility conjuncted to outward life situations of all partakers: Yes.

My opinion according to my research is that the above cited affairs are provoked worldwide today to recruit firstly mafia_soldiers as criminal slaves and to recruit secondly silenced_people ruled telepathically by secret_shadow_regiments – actually those persons and human collectives have outlawed themselves by their doing either because of unallowed or/and forbidden or/and extramarital sex in orgies or/and even by sacrificing persons, torturing victims or/and killing persons – within every kind of faith community, respected institution, and all other possible human groups reached and touched by one personal contact with a mind_programmer (the handler).
Punishments for not obeying the satanic_Mafia or/and secret shadow ruling systems orders
are “hallucinative”:
inner_illusional_tortures and illusional_hypnotized_pain (it can hurt tremendously), sickening_illusions_driving_crazy often combined with delusional_devil_appearings, illusional_”I_am_a_devil”_experiences, other_delusional_ego_experiences, and many other illusional_experiences by tele_hypnosis, or/and
aggrevating in “outer reality”:
outward world physical tortures, or/and the “nothing works anymore” sequence in social life: mobbing on job, loss of job, harassments, stalking – the list of what can happen when “nothing works” in social life is long.

Satanism in outer reality, in outward individual and collective world, is forbidden by law with good reasons. Take a stand for the laws in our states and report satanic incidents to the criminal investigation departments or/and police.
Let us dissolve inner world’s Satanism by our mind power!

jona(h) li,
first published on on December 10th 2013

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