Spirit Guided Civilizations

Subliminal Information Transmission – Person2Person, Thought2Thought, Brain2Brain, Mind2Mind – Telepathy, Copyright with Dreamstime.com-ID 32032869 by Andreus

Article by jona(h) li, 
1st published 2012, 2nd edited on Oct. 4th 2014, 3rd edited on July 5th 2015 

Spirit Guided Civilizations are among the goals of World Changing Secret Societies to rule masses of people:
Soon we will be eight billion,, human beings on our globe designed to move silently like swarms of birds obedient to unseen and whispering hypnosis experts, who interact with their clients like as victims in remote-hypnotic suggestions and commands and by support of giving unwitting free drug consumption to their hypnotisands submitting all individuals to anonymous oligarchies to live with hypnotic programed minds and hypnotic created personalities, and to walk in mesmeric collective oneness-consciousness and many of them in psychic spiritual illusions to be:
“son of …” (a god, a spirit, an alien, a mythical person of the past, present or future) or “daughter of …” (a god, a spirit, an alien, a mythical person of the past, present or future),

or to be: “god” in the individual self during an LSD- plus hypnosis-experience to positively “rise up”,

or to be a: “satan” or “devil” or “angel” or “alien” or “spirit without body” or “soul deriving from Lemuria” or “brother/sister coming from Aldebaran” or “incarnation of …” – those all are personal experiences made under the silent-inner-speech guidance of remote and hypnotic mind-control, consciousness-control, unknowingly – all together those personal experiences are hallucinated mind products by direct and remote hypnosis with the mesmeric rulers’ purpose for the hypnotized victims – the global citizens – to permit silent exploitations of his/her human life, and to accept total dependencies on spirit-commands: these are direct-contact or/and remote-contact telepathic live-hypnotic commands and post-hypnotic commands. –

Summed up this is systematic and systemic intelligence mind control for individual and collective – economical, monetary, political, social, spiritual, sexual – life and for survival under authoritative kinglike rulership of “The Few” remaining after severe catastrophes.

Today World Changing Secret Movements use mafia structured organized networking criminality world wide to get you in their system – to inspire you, to guide you, to rule you.
Hypnosis working even across long distances between hypnotist and hypnotized person is applied focused telepathy – direct information transmission from one inner person’s mind sent by thoughts to another inner person’s mind received by thoughts, hypnosis is inner-mind-communication with your conscious, your subconscious and your unconscious and operates by what we are used to call folksy “spirit” and are deriving in unseen natural energies within The Law of Nature that scientists cannot proof until now but do presume hypothetically already.
Hypnosis experiences seem to be more than mere mind-programming and rather will be explained on scientific basics of Quantum Physics and Dark Matter Physics and is functioning on more factors than on the four cosmic dimensions – eight dimensions (8D) to twelve dimensions (12D) are conjectured, and five dimemnsions (5D) upwards are presumed to be the telepathic, trance and popular so called “spirit” realm and realm for the traditionally so named “Mingling-of-Minds”, a special oneness-experience between persons and among collectives of groups.
Special mind-programming-hypnotists’ professions are psychiatrist, psychotherapist, personality trainer, spiritual guide, coach, manager, teacher, guide, seller, vendor and additional very many persons are acting mass wise acting as womaniser and men-heroine and other like agent in Secret Intelligence Services of governments or/and in Secret World Changing Movements sponsored by Secret-Big-Money-Fusions.

Better don’t judge anybody being involved and interlaced in secret ruling shadow systems, for neither hypnotizing agents nor members in organized criminality nor the super-rich (Ultra High Net Worth Individuals, UHNWI) nor secret oligarchs act in freedom – on the contrary they may have to live under telepathic mind control – hypnotically spirit conrolled – by alternately circulating others, and they all may feel as enslaved victims under the law of silence by force and threat and may even live in fear of being killed in cases of disobedience.

Alike there is no use of accusing the super-rich of greed of gain, for many are not free to use their money and assets as they would choose for themselves – in many cases they receive orders in which projects to invest in.
Secret-shadow-governments and global mafias developed to be molten to congeries one using, commanding and terrorizing the other and operating with unclear foggy definitions in what future world populations should live in, and secret-shadow-governments are ruled by intelligent minds of men but bound in the delusional system of satanism in many various cases – the secret shadow world governments have run out of control completely; therefore it is time for turn to connect politically, socially and in the spirit-of-intelligence (telepathy) to put strength and goal for a regional and global world livable in the future.

jona(h) li – 1st published 2012, 2nd edited on Oct. 4th 2014, 3rd edited on July 5th 2015

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Subliminal Information Transmission – Person2Person, Thought2Thought, Brain2Brain, Mind2Mind – Telepathy, Copyright with Dreamstime.com-ID 32032869 by Andreus