The Deceived by Satanism Ones

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‘The Deceived by Satanism Ones’ –

individuals unwittingly and unknowingly deceived by Satanism


Satan and Devil do not-exist (do NOT exist) – all those mythic figures including angels and appearances of Jesus from Nazareth (Christ, the Messiah) are products of hypnosis and remote hypnosis given by subliminal information transmission, that is the secretive art of ancient and todays royal rulers and the covert art of rulership basically since the ancient Babylon.
And also the Babylonic ‘Osiris’ did never exist – in the same manner appearances of Osiris happened in the hypnotised minds of people being set into a trance condition by hypnosis.
Those doers of hypnosis, the hypnotists, usually are very well educated people – all kind of physicians, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, secret service agents, high_degrees of secret freemasonry, persons with management education level, and also the creative and usually not so well educated magicians (who pep up and power up their stage tricks with their skills as hypnotists). –
Many people get deceived through Satanism by hypnotic inductions on the basis of any human imagination of ‘Satan’ or/and of the ‘Devil’:
The hypnotic induction is an extended initial subliminal suggestion for using one’s imagination, and may contain further subliminal elaborations of the hypnotic introduction:
An imaginative ‘inner world’ will be subliminally created in further ongoing contact with a practioning hypnotist. –
Hypnosis is the subliminal way of communicating by concentrated focused thoughts and concentrated human imaginative ideas with the ‘conscious mind’ and ‘the subconscious mind” and the ‘unconscious mind’ of one other or several other persons:
The human ‘unconscious mind’ is neurologically connected with the human ‘Reptile Brain’ that regulates all human body functions like hunger, thirst, anger, fear, sexual arousal and sex life.
Watch where you go to spend your leisure time – natural talented individuals practicing hypnosis on others with satan-imaginations or/and devil-imaginations are simply everywhere around! –
Strong imaginations may result in hallucinative mind- and body-experiences:
Many deceived individuals (the hypnotisands) are victims of hypnotists, who created in them hallucinations of meeting (seeing, talking with, feeling, making sex with) Satan or/and the Devil, or of even other experiences ‘to be Satan’ or/and ‘to be the Devil’:
‘I am Satan’ deceptions and ‘I am the Devil’ delusions are the pathologic result of strong hallucinative experiences through hypnotism (hypnosis, mesmerism).
Mind controlling other people is rulership, is: ruling others!
And whenever your are hypnotised – you are ruled!
Wake up! – And get out of hypnotic condition and deliver your Self from posthypnotic commands and learn to delete by yourself your mind from all kinds of hypnotic triggers that may have been placed into your subconscious mind and into your unconscious mind. –
‘Mind Control’ – controlling and deceiving the logic human mind by subliminal transferring illusions and hallucinations through self-created focused imaginations and through subliminal ‘silent inner talk’ – is an elegant art and tool and subliminal weapon of secret services of all kinds and of secret ‘intelligence agencies’ all around the world. –
For example – to put them all under one name: ‘Five Eyes’.

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Hypnosis. Hypnotic eyes of eternity for relaxation, meditation,
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