The ‘Horned Hand’

“The Horned Hand” Gesture – a Satanistic Sign and Indicator for Live-Hypnotic or/and Post-Hypnotic Mind Control



The “horned hand” signs and other satanistic gestures VIPs – stars, politicians and other famous persons – may show openly while being photographed and filmed during their media appearances are programmed by hypnosis and may be triggered through telepathic code words or code signs given by their mind programmers (the remote hypnotic consciousness controllers) – from there mostly those signs are not made willingly or/and consciously, but occur in many cases hypnosis controlled and hence are an indication of mind control.

Satanistic gestures therefore are to be classified as “nothing”, because a devil or/and satan does not exist – Satanism is complete nonsense and hypnotic bogus. – In the 21st Century at our stage of evolution of humanity Satanism is obsolete and should be abolished and dissolved with united efforts.

Whether or not the “Horned Hand” gesture is integrated in profane U.S. Americam culture for being friendly does not make any diffrence to its origin – the satanistic symbolism – and the cause of its appearance: having been programmed into an individual behavious by hypnosis and remote hypnosis and being called up by codewords or/and codesigns or/and by words spoken telepathically by the person’s mind programmer, the “spirit guide”.

Being mind programmend and in a logical sequence to live mind controlled is widespread worldwide. Having a satanistic gesture happening within the own self can create a terrible bad feeling for individuals attending official meetings in flashligts of cameras. – The integration of satanistic gestures into profane U.S. culture as loose-packed style of encounter, positive outlook and polite cameraderie may be a means to hide the embarrasing, that cannot be avoided and cannot be supressed, and may very well be understood as a diplomatic integrative polite attempt by fans, guests and fellow sufferers, hypnotic mind programmed victims, to show it in return to give the unconscious manifests another and better face, for presumably nobody is in satanism by free will and likely nobody lives mind controlled by free will.

American Sign Language – the “Horned Hand” as “I Love You” sign:

jona(h) li, 2014

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“The Horned Hand” Gesture – a Satanistic Sign and Indicator for Live-Hypnotic or/and Post-Hypnotic Mind Control