‘Light Workers’ and ‘Dark Workers’

dark & light – ‘Light Workers’ and ‘Dark Workers’ are Hypnotic Workers.
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Mystical “enlightened” people and persons “drawn into darkness” of ancient-like or modern mysticism are created in the same way as “light workers” and “dark workers” themselves by hypnotic and remote-hypnotic “spiritual treatments” following the pattern of:
• destabilizing the ego of a victim by stoking a social or/and psychical crisis,
• dissolving solid ego borders and the individual matrix,
• drawing the ego apart in the depth and severeness of a crisis,
• preparing and brewing a catharsis process in remote hypnotic treatments until
• the hypnotisand wants to be created to a new ego, to be built to a new person
• that accpets the programming of at least one or more “alter personalities” and
• is completely surrendered to the telepathic hypnotic “spirit guide”,
• accepets the hypnotist (the handler) as “god” to follow his/her instructions
• is open and willing to accept the telepathic programmer as his own ego:
• “I am HE”, and more: “HE is me”,
• after intensive practice there will be only the “I” – no matter who this is.
These basic structures of mind programming are consciousness-control therefore and are not new – on the contrary this is the wisdom of ancient Indian (Hinduistic, Buddhistic, Zen), Babylonian and Egyptian Magic: Mesmerism (Rapport) plus Hypnosis Techniques.

Mind programmers are used to remote-hypnosis that works over great spatial distances even, and they try to manipulate their prey, remote-hypnotic victims, either into the “dark polarity” of imagination and behavior or into the “light polarity” of imagination and behavior as a means to explore and test hypnotisands – the prey – to choose them for various tasks, orders and missions to be used for in shadow ruling systems functioning by mind control, that is spirit control, and to be programmed for special missions and orders. Those hypnosis victims who prove to their “spirit guides” to be amenable for the wicked, for the criminal, for the cruel, and for the dark will be programmed for dark kinds of errands and will be used as “soldiers” in organized criminality (satanistic mafia).

Keep living in self-responsibility protecting, preserving and creating all that was and is valuable good for you and useful law in your life.

The regular upcoming question, why does an elite – rich, prosperous, former pupils at private schools, former students on expensive universities – accept exploitative hypnotic manipulations to happen in their own lives and why do they agree and approve to let the same happen to other people? – The answer may be, that they do not get the same: the rich and the influential on the elite scenes and their wellbred kids get the best treatments merely in a “soft brainwash” connected with a “soft programming” of their minds and “soft measurements” all in all to be classified as “intensified mind design” – hypnotic spiritual telepathic therapeutical psychic treatments you really might enjoy and appreciate.
The other possible answer may be that successful “soft mind design” results in a mind regulated and even mind controlled personality likewise to the results of other – cruel – methods of mind-programming and therefore the social elite tends to agree – blank – to what mind-prgrammers as “god”s and handlers want and tend to approve – blank – what those specialists in hypnosis do to other individuals acting in orders they can not refuse.

The cruel breaking of personalities – the “hard programming” methods and the “hard brainwash” plus the “hard measurements” are applied for creating an “agent” who kills, who murders, who betrays, who steels, who burgles, but are also used upon the disobedient average “soldier” of organized criminality (global mafia), and for disobedient intellectuals integrated in telepathic ruling systems who are not willing to surrender and are resisting to submit – like physicians, therapists, teachers, journalists, lawers, operators, stockbrokers, bankers, and are especially used against these mind-programmers who want to change exactly this unrighteous and wicked world and who want to stop or to reduce “Violation of Human Rights” in abuse of mind_programming_techniques.

Free Your_Self and rule your own inner & outer world – turn into your own god and handler and program Your_Self yourself! And wherever you might get pushed in, manipulated in or drawn in against your will – deceive all evil doers and think logic, plan sober, act well, be: good!
A mankind in just ethics and a better society will live by overcoming the hypnosis_abuse taking place globally and will solve urgent planetary problems by the way. Survive and awake others to green the Earth and to irrigate dried up land with during flow desalinated sea water for a thriving and prospering humanity of eight billion,, individuals in our near future!

Cameron Day, ‘Why I Am No Longer A Lightworker’ on YouTube: https://youtu.be/p_HlL8T2vDo –
on Sep. 20th 2013, Cameron Day said:

“Dark Workers And Light Workers Serve the Same Agenda.”


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dark & light – ‘Light Workers’ and ‘Dark Workers’ are Hypnotic Workers.
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