The Forbidden Word

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The Forbidden Word

– Telepathy –


Subliminal Consciousness


The private online research on the term ‘Telepathy’ will drive you through the mindful gardens of esoteric and secret knowledge and psychological as well as psychiatric scientific literature.

To understand the modern days’ scientific resistance against the word ‘telepathy’ you need to follow the steps backwards in the midst of intense scientific quarrels when Einstein’s universe had not been completely understood and the meme ’em-path-y’, ‘path’, ‘pathy’ and ‘tele’ were more felt than comprehended to derive from the unscientific Eastern ‘Fourth Way’ of and on which George Ivanovich Gurdjieff was a mighty protagonist and explorer on an actionist- and practitioner-level.

To get into the place detached from any of the excessive leaders and gurus of the past, and to step on another stage to start the whole discussion on the real matter
‘to communicate with mere thoughts from person to person’
in fresh scientific interdisciplinary solidarity (Quantum Physics, Neurobiophysics, Neurochemistry, Psychiatry, Psychology, Sociology, Technology, a.O.) for research projects other terms were preferred to use – and especially Psychology evolves interesting results in research of human consciousness.

And a second decoupling had to be effected among scientists:
the omnipresent secretive spiritual subliminal-mind-cult of Satanism had to be left behind, to research freely and unterrorized by hypnotic hallucinations and un-irritated by delusional hypnotic deceptions that had frightened and misguided many of the sober, reasonable and rational researchers.

Once free from outdated philosophical bondage and delivered from the pathologic satanistic (satanic) mind-matrix, the results in interdisciplinary scientific research for ‘human communication by mere thoughts from person to person’ are more placed in Einstein’s multidimensional universe, Dark Matter Fields, Quantum Physics and in nexus with some special nature phenomenons like ‘Einstein’s spooky action at a distance’ than in anything anywhere else.

Nevertheless ‘Behavioral Psychology’ celebrated a comeback with the insights into the primate behaviour of humans, monkeys, and apes like the ‘Bonobos’ who solve their tensions and conflicts simply by ‘making love’ (sex) – and the very free association to the covert and mostly by secret services arranged and by unseen influences forced free sex-life of secret agents (in belletristic literature 007 – James Bond, for example) is at minimum allowed.
Scientific insights into the very nature of humankind’s sociosexual behaviour are openly existent – alone the very problem of unwanted ‘forced hypnotic subliminal inductions’ is not solved and may not be solved for ‘hypnotic subliminal trance induction to generate sex activity’ between individuals and among members in groups is our in-borne innate essential neuro-matrix in the Law of Nature, especially as soon as ‘hypnotic regression’ into primate behaviour is hypnotically achieved in any victim (hypnotisand).

Today a friendly reconciliation with Non-Duality – the philosophical, spiritual, and scientific understanding of non-separation and fundamental intrinsic oneness – is attitude of many scientists researching in the field of
‘subliminal information transmission from person to person’.
And the conclusion might be – the best is: to keep quiet about the whole matter, we – each one of us – are all immersed and earthed in it from Zygote to Deathbed.

For further evolutionary development of human behaviour in civilised societies let’s start to discuss openly the sociological and psychological focus on the issues
abuse of sexual-bondage
forced sexual-bondage’
by subliminal inductions of hypnotic trances applied by hypnotists (handlers) against the intentions and against the will of any victim (hypnotisand) and mostly leading into
sexual manic raging frenzy
that is widespread sublimnal-sub-culture or/and subliminal-counter-culture in clandestine invocations of neophytes and in highest inaugurations, and in cults, respected religions, reputable secret circles, honorable secret societies, sealed off power-elites, and also within the common everyday strategies of action of handlers (hypnotists) in secret services applied upon subordinated agents:
consciously un-wanted and un-desired sex creates sex-dependencies likewise to consciously desired sex:
The ‘oneness’ – the subliminal coherence – between targeted individuals and among targeted people in groups often is forced by the hypnotists (handlers) subliminal hypnotic influence that drives the hypnotisands (victims) to make sex.
Oneness is not a problem, but the contrary: oneness can be a condition of happiness. –
But, what about happiness that others (hypnotists, handlers, mind masters, leaders, gurus) have forced by subliminal hypnotic influence upon individuals or/and people in groups: that kind of happiness is pathologic, psychically sickening, and a product of a violation of Human Rights on a sublime – subliminal – level of interactive communication. – That kind of happiness – intrinsic unity and oneness after subliminal hypnotically enforced sex – is rather like the feeling after a sexual rape: sex was; but many would never have chosen that very situation or/and partner or/and partners for sex by their free and conscious will.

Let us break the taboo by sound vocal speaking out:

To gain power and rulership over targeted individuals and over people in targeted groups, hypnotic subliminal sex between people often is covertly enforced among individuals to create ‘closed companies’, who – as a processual result – will transform into ‘conspiratorial communities’, ‘allied’ against free conscious will, and in their feelings of embarassment condemned to keep quiet, to keep silence. –

As secondary effect spouses (husbands and wives), longterm partners, and life partners of members in secretive ‘closed companies’ and in subliminal communicating ‘conspiratorial communities’ who are not part in those very (sex) meetings and do not live under the same sex-bondage are therefore:
excluded, out, lose influence, don’t know anything – and an unseen wall of secrecy and secrets is built between ‘members’ and ‘not members’, between ‘partakers’ and ‘not partakers’ – many marriages and partnerships are destroyed in the process of growing isolating distance based on secretive silence and on keeping quiet about (hypnotically enforced) sex-bomdage with others.

Intended by subliminal shadow ruling systems is the tertiary hidden effect:
the gain of power over individuals and groups – ‘closed societies’ and ‘conspiratorial communities’ can be controlled, and can be subliminally turned against and subliminally moved against other ‘unwanted persons’, against other ‘unwelcome groups’, and against ‘competitors’ of shadow-rulers:
mobbing behaviour, cabal and betrayal along this way is intended and preprogrammed by shadow-ruling-systems.

Let us make some real good mass media TV documentations on this mysterious secretive issue that is hidden behind closed doors and very common even in ‘good company’ – witnesses of the time who have progressed in age and who have nothing to lose could speak out voiced on those covert forced-practices, which are – just about all – embedded in subliminal communicative interaction.

Awareness and perception of subliminal interaction ought create a ‘subliminal consciousness in ethical responsibility’ in order to meet necessary requirements to evolve the own life and social life to better and healthier – happier – conditions.

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